German Shepherd Chow Mix

When it comes to designer dog breeds, the German Shepherd Chow Mix is one that truly stands out. Staying true to its name, the dog breed is a German Shepherd and Chow mix that carries the qualities of its popular heritage.

This dog breed has a fluffy coat that makes it an adorable dog. It also has boundless energy and loves dog toys, which will make for a perfect dog for someone with an active lifestyle.

If you are interested in getting yourself a German Chow, it is important that you know what to expect from this mixed dog breed.

Characteristics of a German Shepherd Chow Mix

The origin of a Chow German Shepherd dog is unknown. Yet despite this, many believe that the dog breed comes from a combination of a German Shepherd and a Chow Chow.

This is because a Shepherd Chow Mix has characteristics that are consistent with that of a German Shepherd– such as a long, narrow muzzle and a black accent on the face.

This is then combined with a Chow Chow’s mane-like fur, skinny face, and color. The combination of these two dog breeds produce an animal that looks like a bear or a lion.

It also carries the same size that can measure up to 26 inches tall and a weight of up to 95 lbs. A Chow Shepherd Mix also comes in a variety of colors, such as black, brown, red, white, blue, dark brown, chocolate, and black and brown.

Is it Easy to Train a German Shepherd Chow Mix Puppy?

A good thing about a Chow Chow German Shepherd Mix is that it is generally easy to train them. This mixed dog breed is a very smart one and can quickly pick up on things.

It also carries the stubbornness of a Chow Chow, which tends to require having a firm yet positive approach on his training.

You will also need to start socializing a German Shepherd Chow Mix puppy early since it plays a vital role on how comfortable he will be with young kids around.

Chows are known to be temperamental, especially if they are not used to being around kids.

Health Issues of a Chow Shepherd Mix

Since this dog breed is considered relatively new, there is no specific health issue that has been associated with them. Because of this, many believe they are a healthy mix of two dog breeds.

But this doesn’t mean you should not be careful with your dog’s health and make sure they get the right dog food and exercise. They may be prone to the health ailments that are common to their parental breed, such as bloat, allergies, eye problems, and joint dysplasia.

If you take care of your German Chow dog carefully, he could grow up to 12 years of age.


This particular dog breed is definitely not for everyone. But if you are someone who loves to have an active dog around, a Chow German Shepherd could be a dog breed that will be perfect for you and your lifestyle.