Pomeranian Price: Guide to Buying a Purebred Pomeranian

There’s a lot to love about Pomeranians. They are playful and intelligent animals that will make your heart melt. Because of this, a lot of people ask for a Pomeranian price.

Usually, if you look for a purebred Pomeranian, you will have to spend a lot of money to buy one. This is because they are truly bred to be magnificent creatures. Despite its tiny size, this dog breed won’t back down in a challenge.

Pomeranians have a height of less than one foot and weigh between 5 to 7 lbs. But they often believe they are as big as you. If you are looking for Pomeranian dogs prices, there’s a lot you need to know about the cost.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost?

There are a number of factors that can affect a Pomeranian dog price. The average Pomeranian cost is anywhere from $500 to as much as $4,000. Plenty of factors are considered when putting a price on this particular dog breed. Purebred Pomeranians will, of course, cost a lot more than a mixed breed Pomeranian. But it does come with some advantages.

Should You Get a Purebred Pomeranian?

Purebred Pomeranians puppies will definitely cost more. This is why you should clarify what your intentions are for opting for a purebred Pomeranian over a mixed breed. If you are planning on breeding a show dog that will compete in dog fairs and other events, purebred Pomeranians are definitely what you need to purchase.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a family pet, a mixed breed Pomeranian will love you just the same as a purebred does. A mixed breed Pomeranian puppy price will also be dramatically reduced if he has some blemishes. At the same time, if you have a rare and exotic hair color, the Pomeranian puppy price will increase a lot

How Much is a Pomeranian Lifestyle?

The Pomeranian price is just one thing you have to consider when you are planning to buy a dog. In addition to asking how much are Pomeranians, you should also factor in the lifestyle of this dog breed.

Pomeranians shed a lot of fur. This is why they need to be groomed regularly. In order to save on costs, you can invest on dog grooming clippers to help you cut your dog’s hair at home.

Apart from grooming, a Pomeranian will require periodic trips to a vet and even have toys around to keep him company. Not to mention, you also have to provide for his meals. If you are ready for this responsibility, you can get yourself a Pomeranian. Otherwise, it may be better to get another dog breed; one that does not require a lot of upkeep.

Pomeranian Price Red Flags

It may be tempting to purchase a Pomeranian that has an exceptionally low or high price. This may indicate that there is something wrong with the puppy or it could just be a scammer trying to get your money.


Before you decide to buy a Pomeranian, make sure to read the fine print being offered to you. You should also check whether the dog has been registered, especially if you are getting a purebred Pomeranian. By doing this, you can protect yourself against the common dog buying scams.